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Computer Repair Hawaii

It has been a while since we have posted anything so we decided to begin a discussion about computer repair Hawaii. Many of you have contacted Computer Corner Hawaii over the years feeling uncertain, scammed or ripped off after having had our computer repaired. As a result, we have decided to simplify and clarify as much of the process as possible here. In hope of giving you the knowledge you need to make a well educated decision before forking over hundreds of dollars in computer repairs.

Having said that, the format we are using here is a combination of frequently asked questions and open dialog. That way we are able to continue to add new questions you or someone else may have as well as steadily provide answers for older questions.

Commercial or Residential IT Repair Defined

Whether you are at home or at work, there is a good chance you are a phone call away from an IT repair person. A lot of corporations have a “Home Office” division that takes care of all technical related issues remotely. And a lot of home users have a son, nephew, or friend of the family who is known as the guy or girl who can fix computers. So why should you call us or some other computer repair shop instead of them? Let’s examine what it IT repair is on a professional level.

A computer repair shop must adhere to certain standards in accordance with state and federal law in order to exist. What that means to you is:

  • The business must be registered with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA)
  • The business must file taxes yearly and have  their books subject audit by the Department of Accounting and General Services should they feel the need to do so.
  • The business should be insured in the event of fire, theft or damage to your computer.
  • The business should not be posting certification logos unless they have actually obtained them less be subjected to copyright and various other fines.
  • The business is more likely to adhere to federal digital privacy and protection laws and not copy, inspect or pilfer your confidential information for nefarious purposes.

Store Front Mobile and Craigslist PC Repairs

The problems may be different but the solution steps are usually the same. You notice a problem with your computer. You may put it off until the point that your computer does not work at all or you ask someone you know if they can help you fix the problem.

You take it in to the most convenient computer service and repair store front you can find on your way to work cause you have no time and would like to get a good bargain rather than  paying so much at the big box computer repair location.

The other scenario is you put it off until it gets too bad that you can’t use it at all and call a sign, or flyer posted on the side of the road or on a bulletin board in a mall for cheap computer repairs. You meet the technician somewhere and give them your computer after briefly describing your problem to them.

As you drive away you realize they gave you no work order or documentation of any type verifying that he has your computer in the event that you never see them again. Although they seemed so trustworthy and legitimate on Craigslist, you still suffer from a case of leeriness and anxiety about whereabouts of you computer and all the personal information on it.

Mobile operation may or may not be registered as an official business with  the DCCA or they may or may not be required to have any type of insurance. Using Computer Corner Hawaii as an example, as former Circuit City Firedog technicians, we understand the importance of customer privacy and insurance. As a result we have a strict policy protecting customers’ data.

Further, being that we do extend warranty work for a variety of large manufacturers, we must retain a million dollar liability coverage as part of our agreement. If we were not insured we would not be able to continue to work as we have for so many years, with or without a traditional store front.

Although we want you to choose us to repair your computers, regardless of who you are most comfortable with, we want to empower you to make a decision you feel comfortable about. After all, it is your hard earned money you are investing into this repair.

Computer Repair Questions

From the best of the best to the first time user, we all have computer repair questions. Some seem simple enough, others are more complex. We use to believe we had heard them all, but time and technology has upgraded and improved the type, style and idiosyncrasies’ of each question. The following are many of these questions answered. Check back from time to time as  we will continue to add additional questions as they arrive.

How do I check how fast my internet connection speed is?

Your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) normally has a set of servers they use to more accurately check your internet speed. In Hawaii these are the most commonly referred to speed testing services:

Hawaiian Telcom SpeedTest

Oceanic Time Warner Cable Speed Test (Must be a subscriber to Use Test)

How do I know if I have antivirus software installed in my computer?

By default, many manufacturers install Nortons Internet Security or McAfee Internet Security. If you do not recognize your currently installed antivirus software give us a call.

How do I know if I have a virus?

If you have a virus in your computer the symptoms can be as obvious as a large pop-up that will not go away or as discrete as a slight increase in memory usage on your task menu. Sound vague and ambiguous? Well, that’s because it can be extremely difficult to know if you have a virus without doing a virus scan of some sort.

As a result, we like to recommend using Malwarebytes, Microsoft Security Essentials, or ESET Online scanner to scan for viruses in your computer. If you install, update and run one of these programs the results may look like the following if a virus is detected.

Picture of Virus Results

Where is the Road Runner or Hawaiian Telcom anti virus software located on their website?

Hawaiian Telcom offers McAfee Internet Security Suite free of charge. Here is a link:

Oceanic Time Warner Cable offers CA Internet Security Suite as part of their subscription. Here is a link to their free antivirus:

Please note, if you run into any problems accessing your free antivirus software you may need to call Hawaiian Telcom or Oceanic Time Warner to obtain further access information. They will help you obtain the software but you may have to call us (808-206-6051) if you are looking for computer repair Hawaii.

Computer Corner Hawaii

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