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Laptop Power Cord Review


Laptop Power Cord Review

Most have never read a laptop power cord review, and likely never really felt the need to. In fact, I’d be willing to take a chance and go as far as to say that unless you have had to deal with the annoyance of not having your laptop power on unless your power cord is bent a certain way you have never even thought about it.

As luck would have it even computer repair technicians have experienced this problem at one point or another in their ownership or repair of a laptop. In the old days, it was thought that simply soldering the bad end of the power cord would solve the problem. But over time we have learned that there is some risk in this practice and it is a much safer method to purchase a new or factory refurbished laptop power adapter cord. The problem is, and always has been the price.

In the last three years or so, I have noticed the costs of retail laptop power adapter cords increasing with availability at retail outlets. As the industry giants notice a market in need of a product. Even our vendors would and have charged us between $80 and $110 (not including shipping due to the location of Computer Corner Hawaii) for our cords.

Some of our techs (myself included) have rushed out and just purchased a universal power adapter as a quick but costly fix. After years of witnessing and experiencing this costly decision, we have decided to find a better more cost efficient way to obtain a laptop power cord, review it and post it here. What we have found was surprising yet simple,

The process is pretty straight forward, create an Amazon account, choose your item, purchase it then enjoy your savings when it arrives in the mail. There is even customer feedback available for that added sense of purchasing security. After reviewing the prices and terms of conditions of many different sources online, the prices on are incredibly hard to beat. If you want to save a lot of money we have to recommend for this laptop power cord review.

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