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Internet Security Software for Your Mac

Like it or not the time has come to look into installing some kind of  internet security software for your Mac. Back when we were all at Circuit City (and even prior to that for some of us) we would hear “I don’t need antivirus software, Macs don’t get viruses” from friends, family and customers who were Mac users.

I remember one customer in particular trying to mental “pown” me with his “vast knowledge and experience” of the Mac programming core and how “impenetrable” OS X is (or was).  All technical opinions aside, the fact of the matter is Mac is exploitable. The fact is so unavoidable that Apple has released a statement about the Mac Defender and malware in general.

But, rather than get into the strengths and weaknesses of object oriented programming languages in general, or discuss the various FreeBSD, and Cocoa Sharp security strategies. We decided to just do what we do and find the most simplified solution in the most understandable way possible.

Simply put, Mac users now need protection and here is what we recommend:

  • ESET Cybersecurity for Mac ESET Cybersecurity for Mac – ESET has won numerous Internet Security Software maker awards over the years. This program gets the job done.




  • TrendMicro for Mac TrendMicro Smart Surfing for Mac – Worry free installation and on access protection. Like ESET just set it and forget it.




We are currently testing two other internet security software suites for Mac. Once we are confident in their abilities we will post them here as well.

Regardless of what antivirus software you decide to use though, we highly recommend that you use something. Long gone are the days of worry free internet browsing on a Mac computer. The threats are real and they are out there waiting to infect your computer. We can not recommend it enough, install internet security software for your Mac.

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