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How To Videos

When it comes to How To Videos or getting an education online, there are very few sites that are in the same category that is in. has virtually every possible software training course you could ever imagine or need, and they are updating their material constantly in the event that what you need is not there at the time that you log in.

Get more from your software.

With tutorials and training videos on Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access as well as Adobe CS5, DreamWeaver, and programming. Free trials are available along with reasonable monthly subscription fees. is the source for commercial and residential online training videos. At we use the how to videos of all the time.

Sometimes we use it as a refresher, and other times we log in learn something new.  What ever the reason we log in for, the outcome is almost always a positive one well worth the investment. For the beginner, the introductions and basic information portions of the videos are quite phenomenal. Answering questions for many average to mid level users and teaching above and beyond the basics to users who are on moving up to the next level of their Information Technology skills.

Here are some of our other How To Videos, Tips and Tutorials:

How to Install a Hard Drive

These videos go over the fundamentals of how to install both a laptop and desktop hard drive. As you will see, the process is pretty straight forward with nothing to be intimidated by. If your old hard drive died, this will help you if you decide to remove the drive and replace it with a new one.

How to Add Memory to Your Computer

If your computer is running slow and you have less than the maximum memory capacity your computer can handle, these instructions may be very beneficial to you. Whether you have a laptop or a desktop computer you will be able to learn how the process works by viewing these videos.

How to Clean Your Computer for Free

How to Install a Graphics Card in Your PC

Installing a graphics card in your computer can be a little intimidating to do for the first time. If you are hesitant after watching this video, then it may be worth the money for you to hire someone to do it for you. One of the main things to to take into consideration is the current power supply of your computer. Because some  graphics cards require a more power than that which comes with your standard stock power supply, you may want want to into calculating exactly how much more power you will need to make this addition to your computer. For example, I have an older desk top computer with a 450 Watt power supply in it, powering my Radeo 2400 graphics card. I have this setup because the stock power supply that came with my desktop was only 300 Watts. That was not enough power for the new addition to my computer. Once I added the larger power supply, my computer powered right up and I am now able to take advantage of a dual desktop set up.

How to Install a Power Supply

How to Install an External Hard Drive Enclosure

If you are interested in trying to save money and doing this on your own you can Click Here to see External Hard Disk Enclosure Prices, you will notice that they are really cheap. In fact they cost far less than the costs of purchasing an external hard drive and paying someone else to do a data backup and transfer for your. The average cost of this type of data backup service is $80 to $120 depending on where you take you computer in to have it done for you.

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