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How to Install a Hard Drive

How many times have you wondered how to install a hard drive? Not only at Computer Corner Hawaii, but generally speaking a hard drive replacement is probably one of the more simpler installations to perform on a laptop or desktop. Although opening a computer may be intimidating initially, once you get past it you may find yourself saving some money and installing hard drives on your own rather than paying someone else to it.

This page was not easy to plan for. We went over the options of writing out a step by step, then a technical analysis, and finally a video presentation being that human nature makes us all tend to absorb information differently. The majority vote went to video, so we found some of the best quality we could find and inserted them below. Please be sure to pay close attention to all electrostatic discharge and safety precautions when installing your hard drive.

How to Install a Hard Drive in a Desktop:

How to Install a Hard Drive in a Laptop:

If you have any questions after seeing the videos above feel free to contact us. In the meantime, we hope you find this information on how to install a hard drive very helpful.

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