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How to Clean Your Computer for Free

One of the best ways how to clean your computer for free is to use CCleaner. Cleaning up excess temp, cookies, and “junk” files from your computer is completely automated with this program. Although step by step manual techniques are available for free from Microsoft. Using a quality program can save a lot of time and headache.CCleaner is that program.

CCleaner is made by Piriform, there are paid and free versions of the software. For the average to mid-level user the free version should be fine. Cleaning non-essential and unnecessary files can help with the overall performance of your computer. Not to mention good maintenance for your hard drive. If you want more features the paid version might be for you. You can find CCleaner here. Finding the correct link can be tricky though, so here are a few pictures of where to click below. If anyone asks you how to clean your computer for free, tell them CCleaner, a great free software download recommended by

AlCCleaner Download Link

Although we are not affiliated with they created the following great video outlining how to use this software.

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