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Free Online Virus Scanners

Online Virus Scanners

Free Online Virus Scanners

When it comes to free online virus scanners there are many that do more harm than good and others that do more good than harm. As we begin the new year, we decided to start it out with a clean slate. And what better way to accomplish this than providing you with online virus scanning utilities that will help you clean your computer.

Free Online Virus Scanners ListedProtect Your PC from Internet Threats

For the sake of simplicity we listed the scanners with a brief description of what they do. If you still have difficulty understanding what the online virus scanner does, you may want to consult with someone a little more fluent with computers before attempting usage.

Symantec Online Scanner (the Company that makes Norton’s) –Scans and Removes viruses.

CA Online Scanner — Scans for and Removes viruses. May require java script.

TrendMicro — Scans for and Removes viruses.

F-Secure –Scans for and Removes viruses. Occasionally may require a different Internet Browser.

Windows Security — Scans for and Removes viruses. Very effective at removing trojans.

BitDefener Online File Scan— Scans for and Removes viruses. Very effective and highly recommended.

Nod32 Online Scanner — Scans for and Removes viruses. Very effective and highly recommended.

System Requirements

The primary requirement for these scanners is that you have an internet connection. Preferably high speed. You may be prompted to install Adobe Flash or Java to initiate and complete your scans.

On Access Protection

On Access ProtectionI must emphasize the point that these scanners do not provide “on access” virus protection. They merely act as an after the fact clean up utility. If you want “on access” virus protection, a paid version of anti virus software ( for example Norton’s or Nod32) may be a better option for you than relying solely on a free online virus scanner.


Please note that if a file (be it a picture, document, or media type) is infected with a virus variant, there is a possibility that removing the virus may corrupt, delete, and or make that file unreadable. In other words you may never get your file back if the virus is attached to it. Now that you are aware of the risks involved, let us get to the good stuff.

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