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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some frequently asked questions people ask us or we may ask them:

  • Has Your Anti Virus Software Ever Found any Infections? You may or may not hear this question from a repair tech, but generally this question is used to determine the degree of possible virus contamination your computer currently has. For example, I tend to ask if any positives for “Trojans” or “Rootkits” were found by your current anti virus software program. If your answer is “Yes.” you may need our help removing the viruses found.
  • Have you Diagnosed the problem or cleaned your Registry? If your computer is just running slow or not opening programs as quickly as it use to when you first brought it home. There is a program that you can use to test, clean out and repair computer registry. Helping you get back up to speed in no time. Although there are several programs you can use to accomplish this, we use Fix-It Utilities quite often. It automates the process of diagnosing computer problems and accurately removes unnecessary bloat from your computer registry. You can Click Here to watch a video and learn more about Fix-It Utilities.

  • Have You Backed Up Your Data on an External Hard Drive, Flash Drive or Cloud Based Storage Option? Any time you take your computer in to any retail repair shop; there is always the potential for data loss. What that means is, in the event or earthquake, tornado, hurricane, tsunami, lighting storm, meteor or other natural disaster your data could very well be lost forever. As a result, it is always a good idea to regularly back up your data while your computer is working correctly. It is easier to back up your data before it is too late, than it is to get your data back after it’s too late.
  • Did You Purchase an Extended Warranty of Any Kind? If you purchased an extended warranty on your computer, then you may have your computer repaired by the warranty group covering all extended warranty beyond the first year.
  • How Long Have You Owned Your Computer? Is my computer still under warranty? This should be one of the very first questions a technician asks you. Reason being, if you purchased your computer less than one year ago, you may be entitled to have your computer repaired under the manufacturer’s warranty. Provided that you bought your computer at a retail establishment, recognized online store, or directly though the manufacturer you will have a one year warranty covering parts and labor from the date of purchase. There are steps that must be taken validate and have your warranty honored. The simplest of which is taking it in to a local Authorized Service Center like Digital Vault Consulting for example.

Warranty Repair

This is one of the most frustrating components of computer repair. What qualifies and what does not. Has the deadline passed? What number do I call? Who will I be talking to on the other end? How long will they take to fix my computer? What about all my information? Will my photos, documents and pictures be lost? These are some of the most common questions asked and we can provide answers to all of them. We are able to connect you with our service partners Digital Vault Consulting who specialize in these types of services.

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