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Data Recovery Services

From the average to even the most seasoned computer tech, there are not many things these days next to DefCon that get us excited about data recovery services. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not professing to be the voice of all computer techs in the state. But I must admit, it was pretty exciting to learn that there is now an ISO Class 5 clean room performing data recovery services right here locally. From a technical perspective, that is some really cool and amazing information.

We here at Computer Corner Hawaii decided to look further into what we heard about and low and behold Casual Techs turned out to have even more awesome people to contact than the intrigue and expertise that a clean room brings to a technician. If you call them you will find a great person to talk to at the other end of the line. Although an unproven theory mine, perhaps less dust particles per square in equates to great technical personalities? Or could it be the years of on-site customer service experience?

Data Recovery Hawaii

Either way, how I like to describe a technician who has that rare combination of book smarts, experience, and relatable personality is basically well, “good peoples” in a class all their own. Not only will they take the geek out of computing, but they will enhance your awareness about the situation ensuring that when you walk away you are left feeling empowered about your computing decision, enlightened about the computer problem you were facing, and ready to turn you computer on and get back to work.

This is who they are and that is what they do. Casual Techs, we are happy to have them in our network of friends and gladly recommend their data recovery services to anyone in need.

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