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Call it cheap or call it good strategy, these days when I look for a computer I look for cheap desktops. Computers from HP Compaq Dell Gateway Sony ASUS and Alien-ware to iMac and G4 Macintosh’s are available at these prices if you use a little strategy and search around a little. For the moment, we are going to ignore the benefits of a owning a laptop. But instead we are going to look all the best features of one of the most popular laptops (the Toshiba Satellite L755-S5349 15.6-Inch LED Laptop – Fusion Finish in Matrix Silver) and use it as a guide to finding a good deal.

Being that computers are a basically a household item these days with us using them to pay bills, research information, schedule appointments and a variety of other tasks. Why pay more than you need to when purchasing a new computer if you can find everything you need for under $400.

Take the following Dell computer for example. You will notice that it is a quality brand name computer right off the back being a Dell GX620 SFF Desktop Computer. Then looking a little further you will find that it has a minimum of 2 Gigabytes of memory and an 80 Gigabyte hard drive, perfect for the basics of writing documents, word processing and browsing the internet.

Along with the hard drive is a pretty decent Intel 2.8GHz process making for faster running programs. If you can click on an icon, go make coffee take a shower and come back about the same time the program is just about to load, then you will notice better performance with this basic processor. This is the type of affordable computer that will get the job done without hitting you too hard in the pocket book.

Now that we have found some specs of interest to us, I then look for the better selling computers on online. In this case, I am looking on Amazon because I like to read the customer reviews. If there are at least 20 customer reviews and most of them are pretty decent I am more inclined to go ahead and get the item I am looking at.

Now I take a look at this HP (pictured below) although it is over our budget goal it does have a lot of customer reviews to look through. I then take the info from this PC and do some more searching as it will provide me with the perfect information I need to get a good deal. After looking around shortly it quickly becomes evident that there are quite a bit of decent computers for under $400.

At this point it is up to you to make your buying decision. Normally I will look at what I am going to use the computer for and where am I going to be using it. Home, work, school or play? These are what I use as guides. If I am purchasing it for a backup server type computer I don’t need a lot power as a decent Intel processor will do. If I am going to make it my primary computer I will need more memory, and more processing power.

HP Pavilion Elite HPE-250f Desktop PC

If you are just looking for a basic system to act as a media center connecting to your television and all other electronic components, or just a starter PC for your teenager as they are about to begin intermediate or high school. These are the type of computers worth looking in to. It may seem hard to find long lasting, great performing cheap desktops at first, but hopefully we have provided you with some guidance pointing you in the right direction towards finding some great deals as soon as possible.