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Avoid getting MacDefender or MacGuard Trojan Virus

With the increased prevalence of Mac computer security threats comes the need to avoid getting the Mac Defender or MacGuard trojan virus variants all together. One of the most successful strategies we have implemented and recommended over the years is the strategic use of the McAfee Siteadvisor. Fortunately, a version for for Mac users exists as well.

Although the McAfee Siteadvisor does not act as a virus remover, it is an great preventive utility that used properly can help avoid a whole lot of problems. If you are just in the market for an internet security software program for your Mac, as we have discussed on our other pages ESET Cybersecurity for Mac is extremely powerful highly recommended software. However, the objective of this article is to give you the tools and information you will need in order to avoid ever getting a virus on your Mac to begin with.SiteAdvisor for Mac

McAfee SiteAdvisorTo accomplish this, we recommend building safe internet browsing habits, in specific implementing a method of either working or recreational browsing online that habitually incorporates using the McAfee SiteAdvisor. Once you download and install McAfee Siteadvisor the objective is to take heed to the warning prompts made available to you via search results or your internet browser window. The warnings are color coded with three alert colors and prompts that pop up when you hover over them should you desire additional information about the site. If your search results produce unsafe or risky links, you will see a red or yellow warning. Green alerts are for safe sites and a gray alerts with a question mark are for sites that have not been rated yet.

This strategy works in harmony with the average internet user who begins their day entering keywords in to the search engines and following the search results. It is also effective in the event that you stumble upon a site via email direct link, or typing the domain in to the address bar. You will quickly see your McAfee alert bar turn red warning you not to proceed.

One last thing about the McAfee SiteAdvisor is it is a free download. Being that it is free, you have virtually no excuse not to download it and avoid getting Mac Defender or MacGuard trojan virus infections on your Mac.



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