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How to Add Memory

Upgrading Your Memory

You can still find great memory prices at go to the Computer Upgrades link and look for Memory/Ram.

Crucial is where we like to get all our Memory from. has a well consolidated list of Memory suppliers at awesome prices to help speedup your computer at an economically feasible price You can look for the Memory you need by model here and their Memory Adviser Tool makes finding the type of memory you need for your computer really easy to do. That’s why we don’t mind being an affiliate for them.

If you use the Memory Adviser Tool and do not find the model the make and model of the computer you are looking for memory for you may get 5% off at Crucial if you Click Here

Installing Your Memory

When people ask us how much we charge to install memory, we refer them to these do it yourself videos in hope that it will save them some money.

How to Install Memory (RAM) in a Desktop

How to Install Memory (RAM) in a Laptop

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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