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We Remove Viruses, Repair both Mac and PC Laptop and Desktop Computers, and Provide Commercial Upgrade, Networking, System Security and Web Development Services.

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If you are looking for computer repair Hawaii, we have over 25 years of combined experience providing dependable, and speedy computer repair services here at the Computer Corner. Our technicians live and breath computers around the clock. Having a computer problem? We are ready to help you find the best solution at an affordable price. Committed to bringing you a fun, stress free, precision computer repair service and an interesting learning experience on site or online.

We are former Circuit City Firedog technicians. As such we know how to find the most cost efficient method of repairing your computer. Read more About Us, or just look around our site, we post the best bargains we can find from time to time as well as free tips tricks and information.

Virus Removal

Does your computer have a virus? Are you not sure if you have a virus but think something funny may be going on with your computer? Let us help you ease your computer conscience. Our thorough diagnosis will determine if there are any hardware and or software related problems going on with your computer. Here are some common symptoms of a potential problem with your computer:

Slow To Start up or Open Programs

If your computer is slow to start up as in sixty seconds or more, it is possible that there are many little programs or processes running in the background causing the lag in performance.

The same goes for programs you may try to open such as the Internet Explorer. If you can double click the program in hope of opening it up, then go make a glass of coffee, use the bathroom and come back just as it opens. The program may be injected with a Trojan virus or some other form of Malware.

Random or Consistent Freezing

There are not many things more frustrating than working on a homework assignment, project or email when your computer freezes. You may have forgot to click save or send and coincidentally that is exactly when your computer decides to freeze. This type of random freezing is commonly associated with a software problem, Virus or Malware.

The lessor of the two evils is consistent freezing. Generally speaking, if your computer freezes at the same point every time you turn on your computer, most likely there is some kind of hardware problem going on.

Blue Screens or Clicking Noises

Stop Errors (more commonly referred to as “Blue Screen,” or “Blue Screen of Death”) are your computers way letting you know that something is not working the way it is supposed be. Stop Errors usually have codes associated with them. If you see a Stop Error, try to make note of the code you see on the screen.

If you hear a “clicking” sound of any type coming from your computer you may want to get it in to us before it is too late. Clicking noises coming from the inside of your computer are never a good thing. Although we have seen everything from cockroaches and lizards inside of computers, for the most part that type of noise could mean eminent hardware failure. This could be catastrophic if you have pictures or documents that you have not backed up yet.

Do You Want to Know How to Create a Website While You Are Here?

If you are looking for someone to help you create your website you may not need as much assistance as you think. There are many web hosting companies that will gladly assist you from start to finish with initial setup of your website. They will walk you through how to get your domain name, what type of account you should have and where to add or remove your content. The Web Hosting service that we use and recommend is BlueHost. There customer services is world class, and their prices are quite comparable to other Web Hosting services. If you have your own small business or just want to create a website about your passion a good Web Hosting service really takes a lot of the stress out of getting started.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is search engine optimization? Whether for recreational or commercial purposes, when someone logs on to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask,  MSN and or any other search engine they type in keywords in an effort search for something. If that something is related to your business, we will improve the likelihood of that person finding you based upon those keywords.

Social Media Marketing

If you do not have a Facebook places page, Twitter account, or any other social media account, there is a good chance that you are already behind your competition. Most small to mid-cap businesses have a Social Media presence. While virtually all of the major companies nationally and internationally have a Social Media presence. If you are interested in increasing your web presence and merging your personal and or professional presence into the Social Media atmosphere just contact us.

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Computer Laptop(Standard Text Messaging Rates May Apply)Desktop Computer  If you have a computer related issue that you need help resolving, do not hesitate to contact us. Allow us to help alleviate the problem. When it comes to computer repair Hawaii, whether commercial or residential we are the team for you.


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